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Product Idea Animations

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Existing Products

If you have a product or are in partnership, JV or other arrangement with a company that has developed your product, we will make wireframe models using your CAD or Solidworks files for a Hi Def rendered 3D model.

Animate the Model

Use the model in an animated video showing how your product works step by step.

Your New Concept

If you haven’t produced your product or idea, or you have developed a prototype of your product, we will turn your idea or model into a real live believable product that can show your methodology to your staff and clients.

Raise Capital

Use the animation to obtain patents, obtain venture capital bridge and final distributable funds.


Nothing explains a financial or technical matrix better than an easy to understand Flowchart, Gantt chart, critical path, bell curve, etc. explained in a professional manner with quality voice over & sound FX.

Your Powerpoint

Improve the experience by upgrading your existing powerpoints into a 3D environment.

Reference Sites

Sample web sites coming soon, built with the Univaya hybrid PHP javascript Wordpress Theme with HD video player highlighting our HD quality videos & productions...

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