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Video Integration

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Existing Videos

You may have your own video and graphics that can be used in this site template. Univaya will upgrade these assets and edit into your new company video playing in the video box above.


Your video(s) may be standard def- we will import into an HD environment for “Trade Show” ready large monitors - great for staff or client training.

CEO Interviews

Your key personnel or staff can explain your services with simple interview set-ups at your premises or in UNIVAYA’s studio. All footage will be shot in 1080p or 720p.


Send your videos to your clients, investors, partners, value added resellers so they can use the videos on their sites also.

B-Roll Premises

We shoot vistas of your offices, warehouse & manufacturing areas, with detailed close-ups of your product in the making or packaging to add to your key interviews. If you have animations, they will be edited in for a complete picture.

Transfer to DVD

Easily transfer all of the videos & animation into an interactive DVD or Blu-Ray for distribution.

Reference Sites

Sample web sites coming soon, built with the Univaya hybrid PHP javascript Wordpress Theme with HD video player highlighting our HD quality videos & productions...

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