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Use this site as a template TAILORED to your specifications

Adapt Template

Simply change the images and text of this site‘s template to suit your company’s products.

Pick your colors and layout keeping all of the background code intact.

Save Costs

Much less cost than producing a new site

Search Engine

Key words are visible in the site so Google’s “spiders” will find you quickly.

Flash is not used as a template for this site. Flash text information is hidden to search engines. However, certain flash components can be added.

Be Searchable

Add Blogs and social media links to help move your site up in a search engine.

Content Mgmt

There are numerous ways to update the text & images of your new site as a novice or experienced webmaster directly using FTP or free content management software.

Site Updates

You or your staff can easily keep up to date with simple training included in package.

Reference Sites

Sample web sites coming soon, built with the Univaya hybrid PHP javascript Wordpress Theme with HD video player highlighting our HD quality videos & productions...

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