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Mobile Device Primer

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Your Own Mobile Device Website and Apps

Mobile Web

The Univaya Wordpress Template uses a "fluid" design that scales to the smaller pixel density of mobile devices responds to orientation changes without reloading the page.


Professional look and feel for your site even when viewed on a mobile device -- no partial display of text and videos.

Embed your video

Univaya will embed your videos in your mobile device so that you can play the videos anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection.


Demonstrate your product or services to a client in the field, or any location without an internet connection.

Mobile Apps

All mobile devices have an application marketplace. Download any app that you feel helps your business or Univaya will create your own app for you or others to download.


Your employees or customers can access a more direct and comprehensive application protects your proprietary information.

Reference Sites

Sample web sites coming soon, built with the Univaya hybrid PHP javascript Wordpress Theme with HD video player highlighting our HD quality videos & productions...

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